• Cindy & Carlos Santana

    “Dearest Marsala, I feel so grateful and deeply moved by the consciousness in which you wrote this article about us. Thank you from the center of my heart.” – Carlos Santana

    Cindy & Carlos Santana
  • Lionel Richie

    “Wow, wow, wow, Marsala, these are great questions!” – Lionel Richie

    Lionel Richie
  • Suze Orman

    “Marsala, your article is the best one ever written about me!”

    Suze Orman
  • Vince Gill

    “Thanks Marsala. Amy and I loved the story you did about us. Looking forward to meeting you the next time I come to Las Vegas.”

    Vince Gill
  • Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

    “Tim and I talked about you after the interviews. It was great! We never talk to anyone in the press as long as we talked with you.”

    Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
  • Anthony Hopkins

    He extended his hand and said, “Hi I’m Tony,” with a soft, very familiar British accent that was surprisingly warm and friendly.

    Anthony Hopkins
  • Priscilla Presley

    “Marsala, I enjoyed our conversation so much, it was as if I was talking to one of my friends. For me to expose myself to someone I have never met says a lot about you.”

    Priscilla Presley
  • Dave Koz

    “Marsala, my sincere gratitude. You are a wonderful interviewer. I now see why everyone has talked with you.” – Dave

    Dave Koz
  • Nate Berkus

    “Marsala, Thank you sincerely for what is, without a doubt, one of my all time favorite features. With Love and Affection, Nate”

    Nate Berkus
  • Barry Manilow

    “Marsala, your interview is the best I’ve ever read about me in my entire career. It’s my dream interview! You are really something. Thanks so much for this. I’d frame it, but I haven’t got enough wall space. Love, Barry”

    Barry Manilow
  • Rob Thomas

    “No matter what you do there has to be an evolution so that you become a newer, better version of who you are.” – Rob Thomas

    Rob Thomas

Eva Longoria: A Bountiful Harvest of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

I had the chance to get “Up Close and Personal with Eva Longoria” and in talking with her it quickly became obvious that Eva is quite different than the spoiled, self-centered, ex-model, Gabrielle Solis, she plays to perfection on Desperate Housewives. While Eva has graced the covers of Vogue, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, she […]

Paul McCartney: Love Is All You Need

Here at Celebrity Scribe I’m always looking for those nuggets of gold, those pearls of wisdom gleaned from people who seem to have it all, that will bring more insight and enlightenment to my life. Yesterday I was in a reflective mood. Yesterday, Paul McCartney, who I fell madly in love with at the pubescent […]

Nate Berkus: Transforming Homes, Transforming Hearts

I liked Nate Berkus long before I interviewed him for Luxury Las Vegas Magazine, and long before I became friends with his mom Nancy Golden,  a fabulous leather jewelry designer who, like me, lives in Las Vegas. The first time I saw Nate was in 2002 when he started doing room makeovers on the Oprah […]

“The Help,” Read it, Watch it!

Thankfully, first-time author Kathryn Stockett did not give up when her novel “The Help,” was rejected 60 times. When someone finally had the wisdom to recognize its worth, and it was published in 2009, the book sold more than three million copies and spent more than 100 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller […]

Andre Agassi: A Champion On and Off the Court

“I fell in love with tennis far too late in my life, but the reason I have everything that I hold dear is because tennis has loved me back. I’m thrilled, humbled, quite terrified to be honest, to stand before you. I felt vulnerable on the tennis court many times, but not quite like today. […]

Carlos Santana: Love Divinely Orchestrated

Carlos Santana was just 22 years old when he and his band mesmerized 500,000 people who were at Woodstock, the three-day phenomenon in August 1969 that is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most pivotal moments that changed the history of Rock and Roll. Forty-two years later, Carlos the eternal, cosmic melody man, […]

Endless Love: What it Really Means

On June 18, 2011 my husband Steven and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. While we’re both proud of that accomplishment, longevity alone isn’t cause for celebration. What is most meaningful is that the love, trust and commitment we have shared over the years has grown deeper and richer. As I sat down to write […]

Natalie Cole: A New Chance at Life

Hepatitis C and a kidney transplant may have left Natalie Cole somewhat frail and weak, but oh that lady still has an incredible set of pipes. Her voice is smooth as a spoonful of honey, rich like a piece of dark, decadent chocolate, powerful as a freight train barreling through your mind, sensual like your […]

Jane Seymour: A Connection That Transcends Time

Royal Wedding Mania has gripped America and ardent fans are anxious for newsy details about anything and everything that has to do with the historic day when Prince William takes Kate as his Princess Bride this coming Friday April 29, 2011. Jane Seymour, the official British correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, has been happy to oblige […]